The town of Połaniec

Połaniec is an industrial and agricultural commune. Its dynamic development began with the construction of the Kościuszko Power Plant. In April 2000, a 25% stake in the plant was bought by the Belgian company TRACTEBEL.

Today Połaniec focuses on developing its infrastructure, housing, and shopping facilities, also making huge investments in the realm of education.

The local authorities' priority is to continue developing the town and commune in various aspects and to develop comprehensive European integration on the population level. Połaniec is open to all initiatives, ideas and contacts.

The town's huge potential lies in its young and educated inhabitants. The town offers very attractive conditions for investment activities owing to the establishment of an investment area included in the "Europark-Wisłosan" Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone.

The local authorities also set their hopes on co-operation with the management of the Kościuszko Power Plant. Investors can be sure that Połaniec is ready to take any challenge. The local government offers professional and comprehensive assistance to all entrepreneurs.

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Local authority:

Urząd Miasta i Gminy Połaniec




Dominating economic sectors:
power generation and related industrial services, construction and repairs

Local mineral resources:
sulphur deposits


  • southeastern Poland, Świętokrzyskie Province
  • Area (sq km): 75
  • Main road connections: roads No. 79 (Cracow-Sandomierz) and No. 764 (Kielce-Połaniec)
  • Direct railway connections: no passenger traffic; Połaniec has only freight transport facilities, including a railway siding

Distances to major cities:

  • Gdańsk - 555 km
  • Katowice - 200 km
  • Cracow - 120 km
  • Łódź - 220 km
  • Poznań - 450 km
  • Warsaw - 250 km
  • Wrocław - 370 km
  • Berlin - 670 km
  • Bratislava - 510 km
  • Kiev - 795 km
  • Paris - 1,640 km
  • Prague - 570 km
  • Vienna - 590 km
  • Vilnius - 715 km

Border crossings (distances):

  • to Russia: Bezledy (550 km)
  • to Lithuania: Budzisko (520 km)
  • to Belarus: Terespol (364 km)
  • to Ukraine: Medyka (195 km)
  • to the Slovak Republic: Piwniczna (160 km), Chyżne (200 km)
  • to the Czech Republic: Cieszyn (270 km)
  • to Germany: Zgorzelec (540 km), Świecko (587 km)
  • sea border crossings (ferry terminals): Gdańsk (600 km), Gdynia (620 km)

International and local airports:

  • Cracow (120 km)
  • Katowice (200 km)
  • Warsaw (250 km)

Investment possibilities

Preferable investment projects:

  • industrial plants consuming large amounts of electricity, heat and technological water
  • industrial plants using power industry waste products (gypsum and ash) as raw materials
  • a fruit and vegetable processing plant
  • logistics businesses
  • a filling station
  • a bus station with shopping facilities
  • sport and recreation facilities

Tax concessions and other advantages:

  • convenient land purchase arrangements,
  • provision of utilities,
  • organizational and legal assistance


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